We study mankind’s greatest questions and problems, and we have fun doing it. We mentioned the Degrees, the one-act plays, earlier. Those trace the history of man’s thought. They raise the great questions of ethics and morality. They ask us to consider just how those principles relate to our everyday life. More than one Mason has spent his life in the study of those
questions. But a Reunion is much more than that. It’s genuine fun and fellowship. A Reunion looks much more like a gathering of friends than a convocation of scholars. Many Reunions feature special social events such as dances or banquets. Masons from all over the state gather at each Reunion, to meet friends they have not seen for months, shoot the breeze,
share in fellowship, get reconnected.Please join us at our Fall Reunion on October 30 & 31. (and here’s a Petition for the Degrees CSR Petition for the Degrees ) Bring a Candidate or two with you!

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