Spring 2008 Reunion Class

Webster’s Online Dictionary defines a “Reunion” as – 1 : an act of reuniting : the state of being reunited 2 : a reuniting of persons after separation. And “Reunite” as – Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin reunitus, past participle of reunire, from Latin re- + Late Latin unire to unite — more at unite Date: 15th century transitive verb : to bring together again intransitive verb : to come together again : rejoin

What a great REUNION we had! Scottish Rite Masons from all over our Valley came together this weekend for some of the best Degree work seen anywhere! Sincere thanks go out to all who made it possible! We had 38 petitions but 4 of them couldn’t join us, due to conflicts and medical reasons. The Candidates enjoyed the whole experience very much. Great Masonic Instruction, new friends, plus some fine food from our kitchen crew – what more could you ask for?

More pictures and commentary will follow in the next few days.

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