Charlotte’s Scottish Rite Temple Opens to Public

The white brick building on Randolph Road is no longer for sale. The membership of Charlotte’s Scottish Rite Masons voted recently to take the building off the market and engage in preservation project to bring it back to its “days of glory” when is was first built in 1978.

Charlotte Scottish Rite Theatre

Back then, the membership bulged beyond 9,000, so they built a large 40,000+ square foot facility with a full size commercial kitchen and dining hall that can seat over 500 people. In addition there is a theater with tiered and balcony seating and a full production stage that can seat over 900!

Today, membership has declined to around four thousand, so the need to utilize all of that space is not the necessity that it once was. According to Tom Stroozas, General Secretary and long-time Scottish Rite Mason, the facility is overbuilt for our current membership needs. “Yes, we are losing members, but so are religious and other fraternal organizations. But in spite of that, we are not going out of business”. So in an effort to share the building’s beauty, mystery and amenities with the general public, the Charlotte Scottish Rite has decided to open the facility up for special community and theatrical events.

In addition to being a place of Masonic teaching and fellowship for its Masonic members, the Charlotte Scottish Rite of Freemasonry funds and operates an on-site Children’s Learning Center. The center caters to elementary and middle school children who are experiencing difficulties with reading and written language that can so often interfere with their academic achievement. The Learning Center’s mission is to equip these children with the skills and strategies necessary to reach their full potential as successful, independent learners. The services to the children and their families are absolutely free of charge, courtesy of the Scottish Rite members and other donations received from foundations and individuals.

So now that the “secret” is unveiled! If you or your organization need a place to meet or orchestrate a function that involves a banquet or theatrical facility, please call the Charlotte Scottish Rite at 704-365-3579 or stop by the Temple at 4740 Randolph Road and be amazed at what this wonderful facility has in store.


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