Lodge of Perfection

About the degrees 4 - 14

Ineffable Degrees

4th Degree

4th Degree – Secret Master:

Your first steps into our sanctuary are duty, reflection and study. They teach us to honor those relationships to God, family, country, Masonry.

5th Degree

5th Degree – Perfect Master:

The degree teaches that honesty and trustworthiness is the cornerstone of the foundation of Masonic honor. This virtue should be in all of our undertakings.

6th Degree

6th Degree – Intimate Secretary:

In this degree we should learn duty, charity and toleration. We are told to reshape ourselves and our thinking into charity, self-control, and success. Be a peacemaker.

7th Degree

7th Degree – Provost and Judge:

“We learn that impartial justice protect person, property, happiness and reputation.” These degrees teach us to judge with patience and impartially.

8th Degree

8th Degree – Intendant of the Building:

We should strive for perfection by using the great principles of “God’s inherent love, charity, morality and kindness.

9th Degree

9th Degree – Elu of the Nine:

Scottish Rite virtues are at the very heart of this degree, truth, candor and generosity. We should use these to shape our lives and conduct.

9th Degree

10th Degree – Elu of the Fifteen:

This degree teaches toleration of others. Everyone has the right to his own political or spiritual views.

11th Degree

11th Degree – Elu of the Twelve:

This degree teaches sympathy. We should sympathetic to our brother masons and to all mankind as well.

12th Degree

12th Degree – Master Architect:

This degree teaches faith in moral and virtues and in God. “Life is what each man makes of it; the optimist turns a trial into a blessing.

13th Degree

13th Degree – Royal Arch of Solomon:

This degree teaches liberty in our minds and our hearts, motivated by duty and honor.

14th Degree

14th Degree – Perfect Elu:

In this degree, we learn to reflect and look into ourselves. We should strive to be true to ourselves and our God.