Faith in moral principles, in virtue, and God, is as necessary for the guidance of a man, as instinct is for the guidance of an animal.

— Albert Pike

19th Degree

19th Degree – Pontiff:

The lessons of this degree are learned from the past and how it affects the present and the way we live in the future. We always strive to endure, produce, and improve the world as it surrounds us.

20th Degree

20th Degree – Master of the Symbolic Lodge:

This degree shows us Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality. These teach moral, religious, and philosophical understanding. This degree helps one comprehend Deity, forces of nature, good, and evil.

21st Degree

21st Degree – Noachite, or Prussian Knight:

The lesson of this degree is that arrogance, defamation, and cowardice are unworthy attributes of a Mason, and that the true virtues of men and Masons are humility, modesty, and courtesy.

22nd Degree

22nd Degree – Knight of the Royal Ax, Prince of Libanus:

This degree teaches, “if a job is worth doing its worth doing well”. By doing good work we improve character and become better citizens.

23rd Degree

23rd Degree – Chief of the Tabernacle:

This degree teaches that the man who forgets his duty to God, family, country, and himself will be in danger of morally and spiritually destruction by thoughts unworthy ambition.

24th Degree

24th Degree – Prince of the Tabernacle:

In this degree a Mason must show evidence of compassion, piety and justice. After initiation he may “manifest faithfully the social virtues in order to receive the rewards”, to serve humanity through our brotherhood.

25th Degree

25th Degree – Knight of the Brazen Serpent:

This degree tackles the concept of pure, celestial, eternal soul of man. He looks within his faith, life, and God and to get a clear look at his inner self.

26th Degree

26th Degree – Prince of Mercy:

In this degree we search for “the rewards of the trinity of Gods attributes – wisdom or intelligence, force or strength, harmony or beauty.”

27th Degree

27th Degree – Knight Commander of the Temple:

This lesson of this degree teaches us to scorn selfishness, and to uphold the knightly virtues of charity, truth and honor. We should always strive to assist the poor, helpless and infirm.

28th Degree

28th Degree – Knight of the Sun, Adept:

This degree teaches that our love for God manifests itself in our love for Truth, Justice and Nobility of Soul.

29th Degree

29th Degree – Scottish Knight of ST Andrew:

The virtues of this degree are “Love of God, loyalty to superiors, faithful adherence to promise and active resistance to unfair judgment.”

30th Degree

30th Degree – Knight Kadosh or Knight of the Black and White Eagle:

The lesson of this degree is to be true to ourselves, to stand for what is right and just in our lives today. To believe in God, country and ourselves.

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