Evil and wrong and suffering are but temporary, the discords of one great harmony, and in His own good time, they will lead by infinite modulations to the great harmonic chord of Truth, Love Peace, and Happiness.

Where Freemasonry flourishes, there will be found the highest type of citizenship and the best standard of living.

— Albert Pike

31st Degree

31st Degree – Inspector Inquisitor Commander:

This degree teaches prayerful self-examination. The mistakes made today should not be repeated tomorrow. Simply, taking a daily look at oneself teaches one how to live with the future.

32nd Degree

32nd Degree – Master of the Royal Secret:

The lessons of this degree are that “genuine brotherhood requires mutual regard, opinion, esteem, and charity.” We always look for the good in others and make allowances for their flaws. We trust the Supreme Architect to lead us to friendship, morality, and brotherly love.


33rd Degree

The 33rd degree is conferred by the Supreme Council upon members of the Rite in recognition of outstanding service to the Rite, or, in public life, to the principles taught in the Degrees. The 33° or KCCH cannot be asked for and if asked for must be refused. At its bi­ennial session the Supreme Council elects members of the Rite to receive the Degree. These 33° Masons are Inspectors General honorary and honorary members of the Supreme Council. The active members of the Supreme Council are chosen from among them.

At its biennial session certain 32° Masons who have attained the age of 35 years and have been 32° Masons at least 4 years, who have rendered signal service to the Rite, are chosen to receive the Rank and Decoration of Knights Commander of the Court of Honour. The decoration is conferred in a very impressive Ceremony of investiture in the local Bodies. This is a rank and decoration and not a degree. The members who hold it are designated 32°. KCCH. A member must be a KCCH for at least four years before he can be nominated for election to receive the 33°.