KSA Application for KSA

During the ceremonies of a past Reunion we spent a few minutes discussing the probable formation of a Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew in Charlotte. This venture is new to Charlotte but continues to enjoy considerable success in Tulsa, Oklahoma (where it was founded) and in several other Chapters in many other States.

In the Fall of 2006, the “Charlotte Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew” was Chartered. Ill. William B. Brunk 33º,SGIG in North Carolina presided over the ceremonies. All Thirty-Two Charter Members, along with two additional members, five Advisors and about eighty Brothers and Family were in attendance. It was a great day.

Our purpose in creating this body is two fold 1) to bring members of the Class closer together in an ongoing program of fellowship, dedicated to service within the Rite and 2) to strengthen your personal ties to our teachings. It can be arguably stated that the Ancient and Accepted Rite is the University of Masonry. By the time one reaches the 32° he has been exposed to more philosophical truths, which reach back through the earliest civilized times of human history, than the average man encounters in a lifetime. It will take some considerable time for an active Scottish Rite Mason to assimilate these truths.

The Order of the Knights of St. Andrew is a prestigious organization; composed exclusively of “black caps” who are the 32º Masters of the Royal Secret in this Valley.

Many active members of the Valley participate in our activities by commuting from Aberdeen, Albemarle, Hickory, Morganton, Shelby and other outlying areas. It is not intended to restrict membership in the Chapter to Charlotte residents but to include all of our black caps Scottish Rite masons.

Each Chapter has a Constitution, By- laws, opening and closing ceremonies, much the same as the Craft Lodges, initiation ritual and a Charter of authority to operate. The officers are elected for a term of one year. The Knights set their own programs and operate under the authority of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General in North Carolina and his Personal Representative in this Valley.

Although the Scottish Rite does not derive from Scottish origins, the Knights of St. Andrew have adopted a Scottish theme for their clothing and music. Members of the founding class will be the red, Royal Stewart Tartan; future members will be clothed in a tartan chosen by that class, probably the Blue Graham or perhaps the Black Watch. It is possible that class members will change this code and eventually invest five or ten year serving men with the Royal Stewart to keep it active. That will be a decision for the Chapter. Initiated members will also wear the jewel of the Order. In Guthrie the Knights wear full Highland dress. The Charlotte Chapter is considering adopting a broad over the shoulder sashes. Music used in escorting duties is from the pipes and drums.

The Knights will be involved in activities that will significantly impact the life of the Valley. Each member should regard himself as a future leader and potential Honor man.

Suggestions to this end include: