An Ambassador is “a Duly Authorized Representative” of the organization which he serves. He is appointed because of his ability to convey the message of the Scottish Rite to the Craft.



Promotes the Scottish Rite

Talks to Brothers about what the AASR does
¨ Builds Fraternal Relations
¨ Personal Character Development
¨ Childhood Learning Centers
¨ Almoner’s Fund

Maintains Contact With AASR Secretary
Stays current on upcoming events
Informs secretary of illnesses and deaths
Suggests programs that may be helpful

Maintains Contact With AASR Almoner
Requests help on behalf of needy Brothers and others in his community
Helps the Almoner investigate cases

Maintains Contact With The Lodge Secretary & Officers
Regarding Membership, Promotion, Education, Demits, Non-Payment of Dues and Financial Assistance

Develops Membership
Greets each new Entered Apprentice candidate and gets to know them.
Presents a Square & Compasses lapel pin to each new Master Mason on his Raising.
Tells him about the benefits and activities of the Scottish Rite and encourages him to join.
Educates his Lodge Brothers about the benefits of being a 32° Scottish Rite Mason.

Your Value as a Leader

You are an active member of your Blue Lodge

You promote Masonry thru:
• Performing exceptional Degree Work
• Helping other Brothers
• Helping with events and projects
• Talking about the Scottish Rite

You know that since our members can only come from the Blue Lodges, you must:
• Make it a point to befriend new Masons
• Tell them what we do
• Ask Masons to join the Scottish Rite
• Follow up with a Petition

? Carry a Petition with you
? It usually takes talking to a potential member seven times before he will sign a Petition
? Remember, Petitions can be turned in at any time, don’t wait until the last minute.


When an Ambassador is to be installed in office, the following ceremony will be used. The Ambassador(s) to be installed will be invited to the podium, to stand before the Brethren, facing the Installing Officer. If more than one Ambassador is to be installed they may be placed in a line to the Installing Officer’s left.

Installing Officer: Brother Ambassador, I congratulate you on your appointment as a representative of the Carolina Consistory of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is a coveted position, and one that carries with it great responsibilities. The reputation and character of our fraternity rests partly in your hands. The work of our great philanthropy will be enhanced by the manner in which you perform your duties. It shall be your responsibility to attend your Blue Lodge regularly, to maintain contact with the Secretary, Officers and Brothers, to provide opportunities for Master Masons who are not members of the AASR to visit, to encourage non-members to join, and such other duties that may be assigned by the Council and/or enumerated in the Handbook. I ask you, my Brother, will you accept this appointment and faithfully perform the tasks assigned to you.

Response: I will.

Installing Officer: Before we declare our installation complete, let us invoke the blessings of Deity. Brother Chaplain, lead us in our devotion.

Chaplain: Almighty God and heavenly Father, as we install those who shall serve us as Ambassador, we ask for your humble blessings upon our Fraternity. May your strength, love, and wisdom abide in our midst through those whom you have selected to occupy positions of service and authority. We ask for your special blessings upon this Ambassador(s) whom we this night have installed in office. Guide him in all that he does that our Fraternity may increase in love and service. Bless this Fraternity that all brothers may live according to your will and when earth’s journey is ended, find the door into that spiritual temple, that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. SO MOTE IT BE. Amen.

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