Check out this new site by Brother Walter Klein and the Grand Lodge of North Carolina Public Relations Committee. There are a lot of stories that would make excellent Masonic Education short talks for a Lodge meeting! Here’s a preview:

A man, a college, a lodge—all dedicated to future Masonic leaders. The man is Herbert Lloyd Wilkerson. The college is Wilkerson College.The lodge is Wilkerson College 760. Even Brother Wilkerson makes the mistake of viewing his career as Marine Major General as “past.” In fact, it forms the steel framework of his position today as leader among leaders. North Carolinians think of him as Commanding General of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base. The military world relates him to combat in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, from CG of the Third Marine Division and CG of the III Marine Amphibious Force in the Far East. They know he led the NC Governor’s Commission for Military Affairs for ten years and as author of History of Military Lodges in Freemasonry. (continued…

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… and thanks Walter!

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