Update 3/3/08: West Gate Lodge No 738 – 2008 Officers (Top row left to right – Philip Kuhn, Darrel Griffin, Danny Davis, Chuch Tench, Gene Hall, Bobby Burchell – Front Row left to right Wade Kirby, Sean McDeson, Troy Miller, Bill Moore, John Litaker)


Ill. John Litaker Secretary & 50 year member with his grandson and current Master Troy Miller.


There are about ninety-three Lodges in our Valley Installing Officers at this time of year. We can’t possibly make them all, but if you send us a pic, we’ll try to get it posted. Read the rest of the story to see some pics.
Cliffside 460 2008 installation

Cliffside 460 Installation (that’s the two Claytons in front)
CM Setzer 2008 Installation

Charles M. Setzer 693 Installation
Temple 676 2008 installation

Temple 676 Installation

JK Polk 759 2008 Installation

James K. Polk 759 Installation

Albemarle 703_2008 installation

Albemarle 703 Installation

Casar 579_ 2008 Installation

Casar 579 Installation

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