Over the last two months, 18 Brothers from the Charlotte Scottish Rite were honored to present Scottish Rite JROTC Medals and Certificates to an outstanding cadet at their High School’s JROTC Awards program.  This took place at over 32 schools across the Valley, with a total of 40 medals actually provided (not all schools held an official ceremony).  One ROTC medal was presented to an Air Force ROTC cadet at UNC-Charlotte.

The medal depicts the double headed eagle and reads: “Scottish Rite” and “JROTC Education & Americanism,” emphasizing two of the major focal points of the Scottish Rite.

The stated purpose of the JROTC program is to “Take Young People and Make them Better Citizens.”   Part of the criteria for award is that the cadet be in the top 25% of his or her academic class and have contributed the most among cadets in demonstrating Americanism in their actions, in extracurricular activities and community projects.  All the Commanders of the JROTC units I spoke with were thrilled to have a representative from the Scottish Rite there to recognize the achievements of one of their cadets.

Thank you to the following Brothers for your commitment to the Scottish Rite by presenting these awards on behalf of our Valley:

Paul Aulbach                             Bob Erwin                                             David Lovingood
Gilbert Bailey                             Joe Faulkner                                          David Ludlow
Tim Berly                                  Junior Harward                                       Bob McIntosh
Eric Cable                                 Nigel Hawkins                                        Brandon Penley
David Carmichael                       D.C. Heilman                                         Mark Whitten
Clyde Earley                              James Howell                                        Pat Yount

and to Deb Ballard, our Administrative Assistant, for her invaluable assistance in coordinating this activity.

Tim Berly, 32°, KSA
Chair, Americanism Committee
Valley of Charlotte


As an aside, David Ludlow arrived late for the Ardrey Kell H.S. Marine Corps JROTC program (he and I were going to jointly present) but was actually there just in the nick of time.  The audio system had failed and their Commander had wanted to play the Marine Corps Hymn; partially to needle the school’s Principal, an Army Reservist/Transport Pilot, who had just returned from serving in Afghanistan just a few months earlier.  David marched in wearing his KSA formal Scottish regalia, playing the Hymn on his bagpipes; and was the hit of the evening!

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