Hello my Brother,

*** Remember to roll your clocks and watches back an hour this weekend!

November is upon us with lodge elections, holiday planning, Honors Court & Thanksgiving … but first up is our Stated Meeting on the 4th.

The Advisory Conference will open session at 6:00 pm, followed by everyone for dinner at 6:30 pm and our meeting starts at 7:30 pm sharp – during which, we will open the Lodge of Perfection, Chapter of Rose Croix & Council of Kadosh.

Chef’s Fare for the evening:

Crisp tossed salad * Beef Brisket * Carved Pork Loin * Roasted Potatoes * Corn * Green Bean Casserole * Corn Bread * Apple Cobbler * Tea, Water & Coffee

Let us know you’re coming by calling us at (704) 365-3579 or by email to:

Look forward to seeing you there!