January 12, 2011

As we discussed during our January Stated we have four events coming up. If you were not at the Stated we could use your help with four events that we have planned. Below you will find the event, the location and times. We could use all the help we could get from volunteers. Let me know by calling the Temple at 704-365-3579, if anyone can attend our first event with the Special Olympics in January. The second event concerning the Special Olympics will be in April. You will find all the dates and time under the next block.


Another event we have planned for March is the “upfit” of the Ronald McDonald House. Once they receive there temporary Certificate of Occupancy, we will need a lot of Brothers to set up furniture in the 28 bedrooms for the parents, set up common areas with books, toys, games and supplies, plus put the kitchen in order. By February, the Director of the house will have dates and times for this project in March. Then we have been invited back for the Grand Opening, this is also suppose to be in March. This is our time to shine in front of Charlotte, there will be television and radio stations broadcasting live. Please wear your Lodge shirts or jackets with any Masonic Emblem on your clothing. We will have Lodges from all over,  The Scottish Rite and Shriners all working for the same cause.
I look forward to working with all of you for this Community Event.

The next thing I have planned is here at the Temple on Saturday, April 2nd from 9:00am until 2:00pm for a blood drive. I have arranged for the Community Blood Center to have two buses out in the driveway, they will be providing all the drinks and snacks. I have arranged for a local radio station to broadcast from this location to bring in more people. We have a goal of 100 units. Plus, I have met with the Directors of the Blood Center and the Ronald McDonald House. Identify yourself as a Mason and for every pint given by a Brother, a parent will receive one free night at the Ronald McDonald House.

I am hoping that we will continue these traditions every year and it will continue to get larger and better each time. I have guest speakers coming to our Stated Communication to do a short presentation and hand out information about each event. Thank you for whatever you can do and show up for. This will really help put Masonry in the eyes of the public throughout our community.

Please call me if you have any questions.


Brad Hufeld

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