I have decided to reuse this post for “Pics from Tom”. You can see them all here

tom lake2tom lake 1

The website just keeps getting better. Thanks to you and Robert Klein for the wonderful pics of the June Stated. I just wish that ALL of the members would log on and see what “fun” and enthusiasm we have for what the Valley of Charlotte is doing. Thanks again for all you do. I have included yet another picture for you of our hike last week across the bay to the base of the Grewingk Glacier lake. I see this thing all of the time from my house but never went to it before. It was awesome. C’mon up and I’ll take you there…
TomI talked to our Secretary yesterday. He and Debbie made it to their house in Homer, AK safe and sound. I asked him to send us a picture…

ts alaska 1 edited small

This pic was taken from my house last night around 11PM. A beautiful day today with temps in the upper 50’s. Wish you were here… Tom

More pics… I wonder what the moose is thinking?

Tom and moose 1 TOm and moose 2

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