It has been a busy summer trying to get ready for the 2009 season for “Masons helping Children”. Jr. Continues to work on the two displays. You will see the finished product of the indoor display at Scottish Rite on Wednesday Night.

Monogram Magic is making a table cover for an 8ft. table that will be under the indoor display unit with the Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, Shrine and York Rite Symbols Monogrammed on the front. Jim Adams continues to work on the brochure and will have that soon. He is also looking at shirts with, “Ask Me…….What Masons do for Children ”
front and back to be worn during festivals.

Right around the corner is “Matthews Live”, no space is available there, I have talked to Mike Warr, PM Matthews Lodge about doing what we did last year, being on the porch of the Lodge and he has agreed for us to do that again. You may remember we had good response as the lodge is open with restrooms and a place to sit and get cool and enjoy the good food. Dates are Sept. 4th. – 7th. We will not put a up a tent. Masons Helping Children is on the tents so Jr. is working on how to put our name above the big units.

We are also approved to display at “Mint Hill Madness” and for the first time at “Celebrate Midland Magic” in October both at no charge. I know this is short Notice but we were trying to get most of this together before we call a meeting of all of you.
Lets meet at Scottish Rite on Wednesday the 2nd. at 3M and we can work right up top time to have dinner and the Scottish rite Meeting.

We need to talk more about staffing these festivals and while we are talking we can put the new pictures that have been laminated on the large posters for the outside display. I am excited about getting back out there and telling the world what Masons do for Children. I hope to see you on Wednesday at 3PM

Have a Great Weekend,
Don Wilson

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