Your Scottish Rite Golf Committee is working diligently on the 2nd Annual Roger Hart Memorial Children’s Learning Center Golf Tournament that will be held on May 24 at the Charlotte National Golf Club in the beautiful metropolis of Indian Trail, NC. A presentation was made to the membership at the February and March Stated meetings to solicit not only YOUR SUPPORT but your assistance in securing sponsors, golfers, door prizes and tournament day on-site work. The committee presentation explained various ways in which your involvement can and will make a difference…even if you never picked up a club! So far we have received a wonderful Golf Bag prize worth at least several thousand dollars and a plethora of golf tees. We are currently asking for a donation of any kind and if you have any old and unused Holiday Gifts, you may utilize the Russ Elliott program of RE-GIFTING to eliminate those unwanted “prizes” for someone else’s pleasure and joy! And don’t forget to come on out and help with the festivities of the day to benefit our Children’s Learning Center. Brothers…this is YOUR Learning Center and your actions towards our fund raising efforts will result in our continuing the Learning Center’s operation. There will be a table set up at the Temple at our May Stated Communication to receive your item(s) for this golf event. So please…”Help the Golf Committee and YOUR Children’s Learning Center”.

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