432 Donations Received for the “Save OUR Temple” Fund Drive

Donations for our “Save OUR Temple” campaign that was launched last November continue to increase as we have received donations from 432 Brothers and their families through April 8, totaling $43,980.  Although we have not yet achieved our goal, this is a wonderful beginning to retiring the debt of our new roof project that was […]

Building Committee Report – 4/3/08

Your Building Committee has been working to repair and replace the damaged tiles from the leaking roof. Recently Brother Brian Kirby has assembled a group of Brothers in an effort to replace the water damaged ceiling tiles in the building. On Easter Sunday he and Brother Russ Elliott and some family members replaced the tiles […]

338 Brothers Contribute to “Save OUR Temple”

Is YOUR name on the LIST? Check out the list of contributors to our building fund to date. If your name is not listed, then please contact Brother Secretary today to make your contribution. We have received nearly $35,000 for this effort and need the help of every member for us to succeed. Remember, the […]

Temple Preservation Campaign Kick Off

Brothers of the Valley of Charlotte: The campaign to “Save OUR Temple” was officially kicked off on November 21 with a letter sent to every Brother of the Valley soliciting support to repair and preserve our beloved Scottish Rite Temple in Charlotte. Since that time, about 350 of you have made a donation! Thank you! […]

Roof Update

It was a nice day for the guys working on our roof yesterday. After only one week (and very cold temperatures) the main part of the roof now has a new look. It should be completed in another two weeks, we’ll keep you updated. WB Don Cummings (left) talking with our roofing contractor.

Randolph Road “Secret” is Unveiled

Charlotte’s Scottish Rite Temple Opens to Public The white brick building on Randolph Road is no longer for sale. The membership of Charlotte’s Scottish Rite Masons voted recently to take the building off the market and engage in preservation project to bring it back to its “days of glory” when is was first built in […]