Standard Opening for Graveside Service

Brother A B was a member of ___________ Lodge No. _____ at __________________________ . He served as (state the highest office held by the brother. (example: Past Master)

If appropriate do the following line:
He served the Grand Lodge of North Carolina as (example: Certified Lecturer, Grand Master, et al). State the highest office held by the brother.
He was a member of the Carolina Consistory of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (and if appropriate state any committees or groups he belonged to such as ritualist, tiling, reception, marshal.
He received the 32°, Master of the Royal Secret, on _______________________
He was invested with the Knight Commander Court of Honour on ______________________
He was coroneted a 33°, Inspector General Honorary, on ________________________
He was crowned an active member of the Supreme Council on _______________________. (Sovereign Grand Inspector General in North Carolina.)
He was a member of Oasis Shrine Temple (if appropriate). If he was an active member, state the highest office held by him, example: Past Potentate.

Ceremony at Final Resting Place

The following ceremony is intended for use only where the service cannot be concluded in the funeral chapel but must he adjourned to cemetery or mausoleum. Officiant and Prelate take places near the casket and the service continues at the point where it terminated (see supra).1

OFFICIANT: Out of the utter darkness of unconsciousness, we emerge into the light of this life, borrow a body from the elements, fret our brief hour away, and vanish.

The soul, like a bird, flies in at one window of the hall, flits quickly across it, and flies through another into outer darkness. Into what state it departs is not given us to know. It returns not to commune with us. We only know that we are, so it still is, in the hands of God, who invites us to call him our Father and to trust in His mercy and loving kindness.

Surely, to His keeping we may be content to trust our friend and Brother, knowing that the divine soul is subject to no law of destruction or dissolution but returns to the Infinite from whence it came.

Nor is our Brother wholly gone from us here below: His influences survive, the thoughts he uttered still live and the effect of his action and exertion can never cease while the universe continues to exist. He still lives a real life in the thoughts, the feelings and the affections of those who knew and loved him.

While, therefore, Nature will have her way, and our tears will drop upon his coffin in sorrow for his departure and our own loss, let it comfort us to reflect that it is often a great gain to die, and that the omniscience of God may seem to be a blessing. His memory will not be forgot-ten but he will be remembered with affection and regret, especially by those who loved him and with the wondrous gift of memory we can still see within us his features, hear his words and possess his thoughts.

We gently commit the body of our Brother to its final resting place. Give unto him eternal rest, 0 Lord, and may the immortal light illumine him. Let us devoutly entreat the assistance and sup-port of our Heavenly Father [Brother Prelate].

Our Father, under Whom we live, it has pleased Thee to take away from this world our beloved Brother, leaving behind the mortal tenement which now enters its final resting place. Enlarge and increase, 0 God our Father, all his influences for good that do survive him. Let us not forget the lessons death taught us but, remembering the uncertainty of life, and the value of those things for which men do most strive, incline us more earnestly to endeavor to obey Thy laws, avoid dissentions, and labor to do good to our fellow men.

Console his relatives in their affliction and sustain them in all the adversities and trials which they may have to encounter in this world. And may they and we, loving and serving Thee, and trusting in Thy infinite beneficience, be in Thy good time gathered in peace unto our fathers and again meet our friend and Brother, nearer to Thy throne of glory. Amen!

BRETHREN So mote it be! Amen!

Funeral Team Pamphlet (printable)

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