Advisory Conference

Ed Becton, 33° S.G.I.G. Personal Rep./Chairman (voting member)
Paul Whitfield, 33° (voting member)
Gilbert Bailey, 32°KCCH (voting member)
James Reddish, 33° (voting member)
Mack Sigmon, 33° (voting member)
Charles Davidson, 33° Venerable Master (voting member)
Kevin Kubacki, 32° KCCH Wise Master (voting member)
David Yelton, 32° Commander (voting member)
Scott Starnes, 32° Master of the Kadosh (voting member)
D.C. Heilman, 32° KCCH General Secretary (Ex-Officio)
Bob W. Erwin, 32° KCCH Asst. General Secretary (Ex-Officio)
Bob Gresham, 33° Finance Chairman (Ex-Officio)
William M. Harward, 33° Treasurer (Ex-Officio)
Bob Gresham, 33° Budget Committee (Ex-Officio)
Timothy W. Berly, 32°KCCH Budget Committee (Ex-Officio)
Dennis Woolery, 32°KCCH Sr. Warden Lodge of Perfection (Observer)
Gary Isenhour, 32°KCCH Sr. Warden Chapter of Rose Croix (Observer)
William A. Harward, 33° 1st. Lt. Com. Council of Kadosh (Observer)


Bob Braswell, 33°

William M. Harward, 33°

William Mills, 33°

Bob Erwin, 32° KCCH

Bob Gresham, 33°

Investment Committee

Bob Gresham, 33°

William M. Harward, 33°

Timothy W. Berly, 32°KCCH


Budget & Finance Committee

Bob Gresham, 33°                               Chairman

William M. Harward, 33°                  Treasurer

Charles Davidson, 33°                        Venerable Master

D.C. Heilman, 32°KCCH                     General Secretary

Ed Becton, 33°                                       SGIG-Personal Represenative


Director of the Work

Jack Huskey, 33°                    Director

Cutler Dillon, 33°                    Asst. Director

Degree Masters

Mark Conner, 33°                                4th – 14th Degrees

Mack Sigmon, 33°                               4th – 14th Degrees

Gene Griffith, 32°KCCH                     4th – 14th Degrees

John Harder, 32°KCCH                   15th, 18th & 31st Degrees

Wayne Millis, 33°                               15th, 18th & 31st Degrees

James Reddish, 33°                           15th, 18th & 31st Degrees

Jerry Wilson, 32°KCCH                     19th – 30th Degrees

Clayton Wright, 32°KCCH                 19th – 30th Degrees

Tyling/Reception- Stated Communication-Tyler

Jimmy Blalock, 32° KCCH, – Director

1. Thomas Tyndall, 33°

2. Milton Allman, 32°

3. James Foster, 32°

4. Ronald Hudson, 32°

5. Todd Leger, 32°


Dewey Preslar, 33°

Brandon Penley, 32°


Bob W. Erwin,32°KCCH           – Director

Ron  Speralbaum,32°               – Asst. Director

Walter Grahling, 32°KCCH

Jeff Hightower, 32°

James D. Beckom, 32° KCCH


Nigel Hawkins, 32°KCCH         – Director

James Howell, 32°KCCH          – Asst. Director

Ronald W. Baker, 32°

John W. Hamilton, 32° KCCH

Russell Beam, 32°

Timothy L. Miller, 32°

Jerry L. Patterson, 32°KCCH

Darren Gibson, 32°

Eric Cable, 32°


Kevin Kubacki, 32° KCCH – Director

Timothy W. Berly, 32°KCCH

Tony Duncan, 32°KCCH

David Ludlow, 32°

Bill Clark, 32°


Robing Room

Ricky Garver, 32°KCCH   –  Director

William A. Simmons, 32° KCCH – Co-Director

Robert B. Bickel, 32° KCCH

Neal C. Bolick, 32° KCCH

Sid Carter, 32° KCCH

William “Junior” A. Harward, Jr., 33°

Randy Cline, 32°

Kerry Ross, 32°

Tim Todd, 32°


Gene Oliver, 32° KCCH ­– Director

Merwin E. Foard, Sr., 32° KCCH – Asst. Director

Harold J. Kossove, 33° – Librarian

Curtis C. Buchanan, 32° KCCH

Michael S. Hamrick, 32°

Justin Madore, 32°

George T. McDonald, 33°

Lonnie D. Myers, 32°

Harold E. Uttley, 32° KCCH

Robert P. Wilcox, 32° KCCH

Clayton Lee Wright, 32° KCCH





Building Maintenance Committee

Bob Erwin, 32°KCCH   – Chairman

Long Range Planning Committee

D.C. Heilman, 32°KCCH      – Chairman

Bob Erwin, 32°KCCH

Paul Whitfield, 33°

Ed Becton, 33°

Bill Harward, 33°

Public Relations